Common Problems in Sump Pumps in Greenville, SC!

A sump pump is an important part of your home’s drainage system. Without one, basements and crawlspaces would be prone to flooding after heavy rains or snowmelt. That being said, multiple common problems can arise in the use of sump pumps in Greenville, SC over time.

1) A dirty basket strainer

A sump pump’s basket strainer is a component that helps to prevent a pump from blocking debris or other unwanted items. While this function is helpful in the overall life of a pump, it often needs to be cleaned on occasion. If you notice that your pump is backing up after rainfall, the first thing to do is remove the strainer cover and clean out any debris or sediment. You can typically accomplish this by using a manual wire brush or non-abrasive scrubbing tool under running water. If it does not resolve, you have to hire a professional plumber for assistance.

2) A faulty float switch

The main function of a float switch is to shut off the pump when it detects that water levels have fallen below a certain point. If this mechanism fails, your sump pump will continue to run even when there’s no standing water in the area it’s meant to be working in. This will ultimately cause the pump to burn out.

3) A faulty power cord or outlet

If you have a sump pump that is plugged into an outlet but does not seem to be turning on when water is detected, there are multiple potential causes for this issue. Hiring local emergency plumbing in Piedmont, SC can help you determine which elements might be defective and solve the problem for you.

4) A faulty switch or circuit breaker

This issue arises when your pump is plugged into an outlet but it still fails to turn on, even after the power cord has been checked. This typically means that there’s a problem with either the switch or the circuit breaker that is meant to connect it with power. A licensed Greenville plumber can come out and inspect the entire system to determine which specific part might be defective and replace it.


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